• Garden Care & Maintenance

  • Design Consultation

  • Garden Boxes

  • Irrigation Services

  • Rain Barrels

  • Gutter Cleaning & Repair

  • Leaf Clearing & Removal

  • Mulching

  • Lawn Aeration & Seeding

  • Edging

Garden Care - Plant a new garden, or tear out old overgrowth. Protect your soil, plants, and trees.


Leaf Clearing & Removal - Clear out fallen leaves from bushes, garden beds, decks, walkways, and property lines. 


Mulching - Add new mulch, refresh existing mulch, or have it removed from your property. Many variants are available to suit your needs. 


Seeding/Aerating - Nurture your lawn and keep it healthy and bright fighting off weeds and dead zones. 


Edging - Tighten up your property lines with beautiful edgings.


Consultation - New design, full installation, or, get a second opinion on existing projects. Vegetable, Herb, and Private Garden consultation available also. Hardscape, Special Events, and even wedding planning. Secret Shopper Services.


Garden Boxes - Build, repair or replace garden boxes. Add irrigation, clear or maintain existing boxes.


Irrigation Services - Add additional watering zones, program zones, repair damaged sprinkler heads, locate underground leaks, or help with efficiency issues. 


Rain Barrels - Add Rain Barrels to combat drought and help with water recycling.


Hedge and Bush Trimming - Small tree and bush trimming, planting and maintenance.


Plant & Tree Care - ALL NATURAL fertilization techniques, no "slow release" dangers to your family or pets, and 100% chemical-free gardening. Creating healthy, low impact biological structures.


Gutter Cleaning - Gutters cleaned out, washed, and any clogged downspouts are addressed. Rooftops are cleared of debris. Solar panels and delicate rooftops are okay. 

Homes - Lofts - Condos - Businesses


Environmentally friendly! Organic!

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