Photo credits go to Know Better Grow Better LLC & PEXELS.COM

New portfolio in progress out of respect for previous employers work.

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Water Is Everything! KBGB

Water control systems are very important to us! Rain barrels, rain gutter cleaning, repair, and foundation protection. KBGB

Add Edging! KBGB

Tighten up your garden lines with beautiful edging. KBGB

Welcome Nature! KBGB

Gardening techniques that'll bring beauty into your life. KBGB

Vegetable Gardens!

Know where your food comes from, and safely feed your family! 100% Organic pexels.com

Herb and Berry Gardens!

Herbs and berries, eat directly from your own home! 100% Organic! pexels.com

Garden Salads and Greens!

Save some green, growing your greens! Make salads at home with fresh homegrown Vegetables. pexels.com

Invite Nature Home! Bee! KBGB

We garden with Nature in mind, welcoming all life forms, from Microbes to Hummingbirds and bunnies oh my! KBGB

Relax in your Garden! KBGB

Once planted, it's a magical feeling sitting back and watching Nature Blossom. Sunsets in the garden. KBGB

Peppers! KBGB

Various garden styles available. Restaurants, small and large businesses welcome. KBGB

All For The Bees KBGB

If not for the bee's we'd all be lost! We balance the garden with what it needs to feed us all. KBGB

Click below for more photographs on Instagram. New Portfolio in progress.

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